EECO Online UPS Series is using the latest digital control technology DSP as the core of the whole intelligent high-frequency pure online UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), also it is using the digital control of the three main parts of PFC, INVERTER, DC-DC. The control system parameters carried out by the program, which will not be impacted by the ambient temperature, so that the control system is stable and reliable, and it can reduce the system failure rate effectively. Due to the UPS is using the advanced digital control technology DSP, it is very easy to achieve to the function of parallels expansion and redundant, so that it will provide users flexible planning of power supply and more secure power protection.

EECO Online UPS Series includes the single-phase input and single-phase output with the range of CH1ks-ch 10KS, three phase input out and single phase output with the range of CH 310KS-CH320KS.The UPS is using the latest digital control technology DSP as its core technology, so it with perfect function of detection, protection, and it with small size, light weight, high efficiency as well. The proper parallel redundant technology of UPS makes the main load to obtain high-quality and Uninterrupted Power Supply.


Computer center, network center, communication system, automation control system or other critical systems


Double conversion online technology.

MCU intelligent control.

Wide input voltage range.

LCD and LED user interface.

Optional 220/230/240V output voltage

Cold start.

Green function.

Generator compatible.

Short circuit and overload protection.

Self-test when UPS start.

Auto restart.

Over temperature and over voltage protection.

Optional extension battery pack.

EMI/RFI noise filter.

Smart RS232 with monitoring software.

Optional SNMP card slot.